10 Travelling Hacks Everybody Should Know

Many people travel each day from one place to another , be this internationally or within the borders of their own country. In any case, no matter how much time you’ve spent planning your next trip it might definitely be stressful to organize it in details starting from the departure, the trip itself and after you’ve landed. So let’s have a look on some really simple travelling hacks that might save you a lot of time and might be just what you need while you’re dreaming on how you will spend your days in a foreign country. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU! 😉

…The one before you leave

1.Make sure to scan your passport and your ticket details and email it to yourself. Who knows when you might need a copy of that after you’ve accidentally lost it or someone stole it from you.

2.Call your bank/company and get a detailed information about your credit and debit cards, whether you can use them in the country you’re going or not .Save yourself a pocket  full of wrinkled cash and loudly bouncing coins while you’re walking around the new place.

3.Coming to packing your clothes, we all know how much of a burden is a heavy luggage or even more having to take more than one.  So try to roll your clothes instead of piling them up. This will save you some space for other important stuff you might need to take with you, or it will just make your luggage easier to carry around .

4.Always check the local weather and have a general idea about travelling agencies in that country. It might be really consoling when a travel agent will provide you with the best tours around the city in the shortest amount of time possible, while you would have no idea where to start(unless you haven’t been there before)

… The one when you arrive

5.Welcome to your new “home” for a few days. Try to find an ATM as soon as you land so you can “get your hands on” the local currency avoiding so all the trouble and delays on the local grocery store or while you’re ready to pay the bill in the restaurants & bars you’re hanging out.

6.Rent a car or a bike. Although it might be an added expense to your travelling budget, you will thank yourself when you discover that the most awesome places  are located in the suburbs and you can easily visit them without the burden of the public transportation or getting lost while you’re trying to reach your final destination.

7.Eat locally. While exploring the place try as much as you can the local cuisine. You might be surprised from the flavors you will encounter.  It will probably be your only chance to eat something different from your usual diet, so get the most out of it.

8.Act locally. Once you get there you might want to let go of the typical “tourist-guy/girl ” appearance and go with the flow. Try to get out of your comfort zone and explore as much as you can as a local. Don’t be afraid to use the local language too. Try general sayings like “Hi” “Thank you” and “Goodbye” which usually are very easy to learn in most of the languages.


…The one when you go back home

9.Ah! Home sweet home. Time to relax, right? Well, not really. You’d better unpack as soon as you enter the door. You may be tired out of your mind , but you’ll be glad you did it in the morning.

10.Have some “alone” time to reflect about your experience and to process all the new information you got. Look back at the pictures you took and write a journal about all the things that happened. You will be surprised how “alive” your memories will sound once you go and tell your FRIENDS all about it!

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