Albanian Riviera “a secret paradise”

The Albanian Riviera holidays! Why not?

There are many reasons why you should choose the Albanian Riviera, this little-known edge of Europe to be in your summer holiday list. The Albanian Riviera is a remote area, but so beautiful. It’s a secret paradise and there are many hidden gems to discover – plenty of small hidden beaches and caves for those who have time and passion to explore. The coastal road between Vlora, Llogara Pass and Saranda is a wonder, one of the most beautiful and spectacular drives in the Balkans.

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The landscape is quite spectacular for such a small country, plenty of white beaches with crystal clear turquoise water.

The beaches are amazing and are beginning to become more widely known. You could enjoy the beaches from the July and August high season and still outside it – you’re likely to have totally empty beaches one all to yourself.


The climate is excellent with hot dry summers and mild rainy winters. Some places average 290 sunny days a year with pleasantly warm temperatures, which only during summer months exceed 30 degrees C. It’s warm enough to swim comfortably on clear blue waters from May to October.

Albania is much known for its historic and archaeological treasures like the ancient city of Butrint or Ali Pasha’s Castle-Porto Palermo Bay, but there are many other valuable tourist attractions to see in Vlora, Himara and Saranda.


Albanian people are so open and friendly towards foreigners and have a special hospitality and warmth towards others. You could feel utmost good faith and respect. Albania is a very safe place to visit and you are more than safe.

The prices are so affordable considering the Albanian seaside scenery which is quite extraordinary and with such low prices they make French, Italian and Croatian Coast look expensive.

Traditional Albanian food and different kind of dishes are so preferable by the foreigners. You could taste fresh seafood all of a kind, Albanian byrek (savory pies), sweets which are addictive like baklava etc.  and not to forget the local wine or raki the Albania’s national spirit and also the ‘kafe turke’.

A relaxing moment is to drink a local beer and admiring the sunset over the Ionian Sea. For me this is really a great way to relax.

Drymandes beach

Nightlife in Albania’s Riviera is the hottest. There are lots of clubs, party-beaches, cocktail bars along the beach that give way to enormous open-air clubs as the evening goes on. You can do outdoors activities like such as: air sports, hiking and picnics in along the entire coastline.


Here are some additional destinations that we recommend to visit:

Albanian Riviera Cities: Vlore, Himare, Sarande

Villages: Borsh, Dhermi, Iljas, Ksamil, Lukove, Palase, Qeparo, Vuno

National Parks: Llogara National Park, Butrint National Park, Karaburun-Sazan National Marine Park


Isn’t Albanian Riviera just wonderful? So don’t miss a thing!

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