Beautiful beaches in Albanian Riviera

Summer, the most desired season to all. It means going to the most beautiful beaches, having fun, happy times and good sunshine. We all make plans for the best summer holidays and these holidays to be the best experience of the year. So we thought it’s time to write more about beaches!

Albanian Riviera is marvelous!

It’s a small undiscovered miracle, but lately has become known and a great travel destination. Therefore, it’s normal that you might not know all the beaches of Albanian Riviera, some of them are very well-known and others not.

So where are these beautiful beaches? One thing is for sure – there are so many incredible beaches to explore.

A trip to Albanian Riviera stretches from Llogara Pass NP to Saranda City. And any trip to Albanian Riviera should begin with a stop in the famous Llogara Pass (Qafa e Llogarasë) which is the best coastal drive because of a stunning coastal scenery.

Through a zig-zag road you descend into the Albanian Riviera gives you the impression of touching the sky at the same time. Once you get to the top, you will enjoy the panoramic view and the clearness of the open sea.

And there is a beach!


An amazing panoramic view from Llogara Pass

Here you’ll discover all you need to know about the beautiful beaches of Albanian Riviera and select the beach that is perfect for you and your family. This itinerary hits all the right spots along the Albanian Riviera

  • Palasa Beach is the first beach after Llogara Pass with a breathtaking seaside landscape. It serves even as an welcome spot for air sports lovers who jump with a parachute from the Llogara Pass and fall precisely in Palasa Beach.

Palasa beach

  • Dhermi is one of the oldest and most beautiful villages of the coast The best-known beach, very pleasant and active place. Once you go down on the beach you can’t resist and will return there again. There are many hotels, bungalows, restaurants, pubs, clubs. Plenty of restaurants combine traditional and foreign cuisines. The beach is a variety with round stones and nice sand, crystal-clear, deep waters. It’s a long beach and for those who are looking for a quiet spot away from the crowds can find it easily. One of them is the famous Drimadhes beach as it’s not so developed like Dhermi.

Dhermi beach

  • Gjipe bay is entirely rocky beach and perhaps the best-kept secret place on the Albanian Riviera. It has a rare beauty, because of  its extraordinary topography. Gjipe bay is surrounded by two famous beaches, Dhërmi and Jale. This peaceful place with crystal clear water and fine sand gives a perfect opportunity to rest in the silence of untouched nature.

Gjipe bay

  •  Jala is a wonderful beach – one of the most beautiful beaches across the Ionian coast. The Beauty of this bay will welcome and charm you from the top of the hill, a spot that makes everyone stop for photo shooting.


  • Himara is the better-known coastal village. The first connection arriving there is with old Himara. After passing it on the right, the road down leads on a wide and long Livadhi beach. A beautiful beach, where recently are built many hotels and restaurants. Famous Himara or New Himara is another spot where you can enjoy sunbathing on the clear seashore, diving or even boat sailing.


  • Llaman Beach, this somehow hidden corner, on the coast of Himara, is so lovely. The tourists find themselves between the sea, mountain and sky that seems like a single joint point. There are as well as several beautiful beaches such as Spille, Potami beachesThey are all gravel beaches with deep, clear waters. After Porto Palermo Bay appears another wonderful view, Qeparo Valley, the beach, the new village and upper Qeparo. It is made known lately and a tourist destinations in Albania.


  • Borsh is the largest beach in Ionian Sea and one of the most picturesque villages of the Albanian Riviera with clear blue waters surrounded by mountains, the greenery landscape and olive groves. What makes this village so popular is its village’s beauty, the beach, and a natural water resource which is at the center of the village.
Borsh beach with beautiful landscape in Albania


  • Bunec is quiet pleasingly unspoiled place with a pebbly white beach, a perfect place for the whole family to relax and enjoy the nice sand and the clear water. Bunec is divided by the river which runs down from the mountain above.
  • Lukova is the last seaside village on the Albanian Riviera, well-known for its terraces of citrus and olives, lemons and oranges. The beach here is like in all Riviera, with a fantastic colors combination of water, sky and the greenery around.


  • Kakome Gulf is one of the most quietest beaches along the coast and have access driving by car, but are most easily and preferably by boat. Kakome is a picturesque bay with fine white sand and gravel, variation of blue sea and greenery surrounding. It is a true paradise. From Kakome through the sea, you can get to the wonderful Krorëz beach, where the view offers the beauty of your dreams.


  • Saranda an unofficial capital of the Albanian Riviera is one of the most beautiful seaside towns in the most southern corner of Albania. It is situated in an open gulf with a horseshoe shape which gives a perfect view from above, Lekures castle and from Corfu island. This small modern, bustling (in summer season) city of glitz and glamour yachts parked in the harbor makes it one of the most important tourist attractions. Saranda, called a small pearl is a town which offers something for every type of traveler. Close to the town between Saranda and Butrint there are lovely, beautiful beaches such as Monastery beach, Pasqyrat (Mirrors) and Pulebardhat beach.  

Saranda city

  • Ksamil is close to Saranda and we could not finish the list of Albanian Riviera beaches without talking about Ksamil – a famous attraction for lots of tourists. It is part of NP of Butrint and has a group of four small islands and the most clean turquoise beaches in Albania that gives more Caribbean appearance. They are accessible only by boat and with fewer people than on the crowded village beach.

Ksamil and four islands.

  • Pema e thate (dry tree) beach is close to Ksamil and closer to the Greek island of Corfu than any of the others on the stretch. This is a small beach with crystal clear waters, fine sandy and not very deep which makes it a perfect beach for the children.

Pema e thate (dry tree) beach



Map of Albanian Riviera

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