Canyoning in Osumi and Vjosa River

Ready to feel your pulse racing, while canyoning and rafting in Osumi and Vjosa River? 

With beautiful Osumi River, Albania offers a great opportunity of canyoning and other water sports in the river for the adventure lovers. Canyoning is an unforgettable experience in itself and the most exciting water sport in Albania. It is an increasingly popular outdoor activity and it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or not, even if you aren’t 100% fit.


Canyoning in Osumi River

Canyoning in the valley of Osumi river is the most distinguished attraction in the area of Çorovode-Skrapar (near the Berat city) with a Big Canyon, the biggest in Albania, 14 km long and 70-80 m deep. It is an opportunity of discovering eight waterfalls, a cathedral, the magical natural spots while following a crystal clear water trail, which will make you love the magic of water and unspoiled nature. 

You could not stop admiring the huge vertical walls made of calcareous rocks sprinkled down by astonishing waterfalls, which are so narrow in some places so, that the passage is only two meters wide. 

The canyon valleys created through lime formations are particularly beautiful and certainly the most popular destination for tourists. The main feature of this canyon is the pristine nature canyon walls made of granite which nature has shaped their unique form. The canyon of Osumi is often referred as the “Albanian Colorado” by the foreign visitors.


Canyon of Osumi River

The best way to explore it is in spring when the snow melts and the rains make it possible to navigate with inflatable rafts through all the length of the canyon. During this period, a good number of high waterfalls give to the canyon the charms of a dream‐like place. The best time for these activities by people of all ages and skill levels is during the months of July and August. For those who are seeking more adventures and a unique experience during March, April and May.


Osumi River

Parallel to canyoning one can also enjoy many other activities such as walking, hiking, climbing, jumping, sliding, swimming, fishing and camping as well in rivers and waterfalls. Hiking in Osumi River gives the hikers the chance to venerate the beautiful and panoramic surroundings of the river. It is also a great way of exploring remote, spectacular scenery which may not be accessible on foot.

All these activities are what make up this new adventure. It is very difficult to describe the emotions you will experience; you need to try it in order to understand it.


Vjosa River

Action and relax: The perfect combination!

Vjosa River Valley (near Permet) a place where you can breathe, enjoy the view, where you get touched by the river spirit is renowned for rafting, canoeing, kayaking, hydrospeed (new one), walking, swimming and other water sports.

The surrounding landscape creates the perfect scenery for truly exciting moments. Every visitor, with the excessive dose of adrenaline, will feel the magic of unspoiled nature, with mysterious and unique landscapes, which changes from moment to moment.


Rafting in Vjosa River is a particularly exciting sport to truly understand the natural beauty of the canyons. Also, kayaking in Langarica Canyon, this impressive canyon, what is considered the most scenic canyon of Albania.

The river of Vjosa is ideal for the adrenaline-boosting sport of hydrospeed – the new sport which has started to appear recently in Albania rivers. Hydrospeed is an exciting and entertaining sport which provides the most direct contact with wild water. It is at the same time the wildest and most physically demanding adrenaline madness. Of all river sports, it is unique as you are totally in the river and in actually become part of the element. Ideal for thrill-seekers.

Vjosa River has enough stream all year round and sections with different levels of difficulty depending on the water level which lasts about 2—4 hours. The best time for rafting in Vjosa River is during the months  March – November.


Katiu Bridge

Well, after rafting in Vjosa river, throughout the Canyon of Langarica from Dashi bridge until the renowned Thermal Baths of Benja it’s time to get some rest or few hours relaxing at the hot springs of Benje. The popular thermal waters of Benje (Llixhat e Benjes), which are located in a very scenic surrounding, under the Katiu Ottoman bridge (Ura e Katiut) are well known in Permet city and will give to the visitors a special experience, unlike the others.


Thermal waters of Benja

Famous therapeutic baths and spas in Benje are very curative, filled from sulphur spring fountains, small thermal water lakes which have been formed from the many water sources with varying temperatures and some bathtubs built with river stones  from the inhabitants. There are 6 springs at the foot of the massive rocks, on both sides of the Langarica River.

So whoever is up for some adrenaline-adventure, can find it here.

Have fun trying!

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