Koman Lake

Koman Lake

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The Lake of Koman in situated 30 km far from the northern city of Shkodra and it is formed thanks to the water flows brought by the River Drin, where the Koman Hydro power is constructed. The lake of Koman is surrounded by green high mountains of 1000 to 1200 meters high above the sea level. Despite its touristic values, this lake preserves also historic values. Based on historic evidences the area of Koman lake constitutes a great source of information related to the flourishing and extension of Byzantium Empire, thus its culture represents the early Albanian culture.

The objects found in the village of Koman are partially of Illyrian trait. People living in these mountain areas have preserved their distinct culture inherited since the ancient times, which means that the roman and Byzantium had a limited influence. This has given shape to new personal traits which have resisted foreign cultures. To visit and enjoy the Koman Lake the tourists are offered a sail by ferry all the way along the lake, a two hour trip from the Koman Lake  to Fierza at feeling very comfortable. It’s an experience foreigners can live only in this area of Albania.

During the trip to the Koman lake  tourists are given the chance to see another lake called Vau I Dejes and then stop for a delicious meal at one of the restaurants on the lake shore. The lake serves also for fishing transport and tourism. The ferry service was established to serve the local population and since 2000 the area has become a growing tourist destination. It’s got a wild unique view, found only in that area.

The Koman lake is rich of many sorts of fish. The vegetation a dense and lush and thanks to the creation of the lake, the water surface has augmented making the climate softer in both its shores.

You can travel to Koman by car. A small harbor has been adopted to anchor the ship (ferry) that sails according to a predefined schedule. Water passes through gaps of very rocky and steep slopes. After almost 2 hours of sail tourist ends in Fierza

Koman lake is an attraction, because being an area close, yet so far from the city of Shkoder, can be visited within the day. It offers mountain climbing and water sports. It has a rugged relief with mountain slopes, valleys, caves and necks.

Archeological excavations are found in:

Gajtani – prehistoric site

Ganjolla e Spathari – Illyrian fortification of III-II cent. BC

Kalaja e Dejes – dates since the medieval times

Sarda – archeological site

Dushmani e Bytyçi – medieval habitation

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