Osumi canyon

Osumi canyon

Things to do - general

The Osumi canyon is considered as the biggest in Albania and rightfully it was called the “Albania’s Colorado”. A pearl of the nature. It belongs to Skrapari district, otherwise called the canyons’ area. Osumi canyon is located at the Çorovoda-Hambull sector of the Osumi valley.

The Osumi canyon has been carved out over almost 3000 million years by the Osumi River, located in the region of Berat.  Formed due to many tectonic movements and water flows from many directions. The walls reach a 150 m of latitude from the river level. When the rain falls heavy they augments the water level offering for the tourists paddlers and interesting ride, especially in spring season. The waters run crystal clear off nearby Tomorri Mountain. Osumi canyon is Albania longest canyon with the highest average latitude.

At its end, an area called Vau i Grepckes, the Osumi river creates a beautiful delta. The residents of the surrounding villages use it to go swimming during summer. At its depth the Osumi canyon forms 6 narrows that can be passed only by swimming through. Osumi canyon homes a variety of predatory birds, such as: eagles and falcons.

As far as sport activities are concerned, the Osumi canyon offers for the foreigners the chance to exercise rowing and rafting. To visit the Osumi canyon there are two ways: the first by canoe across the river bed, and second by car or on foot. The advantage of visiting Osumi canyons is that tourists can organize a tour any time of the year, since the river flows are not that strong and fast.

As a result of its beauties and shapes of the Osumi canyon, some legends were born, traveling up to nowadays. Among them is the legend of the “Bride’s hole”. According to the legend the young girl was about to get married against her will. The tradition forces he not to oppose. Praying God the young girl climbed the rock of the canyon and said to the rock: “Open up and save me!” The rock opened a hole and she jumped in and hided there forever. Sometimes latter all young brides used to go there with the hope of remaining pregnant.

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Sports & nature

Sports to exercise while in Osumi canyon:

1. Rafting (by canoe or boat)
2. Rowing
4. climbing

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