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Valbona refers to the river holding the same name, as well as a small village in the Valley of Valbona. It is located 25 Km from the city of Bajram Curri, in the north of Albania, near the border with Kosovo.

Valbona’s Valley is part of the Albanian Alps, also known as the Accursed Mountains (Bjeshkët e Namuna). Don’t let the name fool you: it’s rather the contrary. The area is blessed with scenic landscapes and pure nature, which makes it unforgettable. Combined with the hospitality of the area, Valbona is definitely a must-see destination in Albania!

Due to it’s geographical location, it’s one of the few areas in Albania hardly conquered or subdued during tumultuous times of war in the country and the region. “Malësorë”  or highlanders are the inhabitants of the area and are well known for their proud and fierce personality. Considering this, customs and old traditions are preserved through generations.

The road to Valbona goes through Lake Komani, via ferry. The trip lasts about 2 hours, but it is well spent, considering the magnificent area’s scenery. Lime gorges are reflected in the lake, creating a rather dramatic effect on the passengers of the ferry.

“Hane” are inns of Northern Albania. Holding a typical alpine architecture, nowadays, they’re the primary source of tourism in the region. These “hane” are mostly small family businesses, self-sustainable, using all resources of the area to create the business climate. It’s not uncommon to find a family run business, where the man of the house is the owner, whereas the wife runs the kitchen and takes care of the accommodation of the guests.

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Languages spokenAlbanian, English
Currency usedLek, Euro, Dollar
Area (km2)Valbona Valley - 80 km²

Sports & nature

Considering its position, it's not hard to consider outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking, climbing, camping etc.
It's not uncommon to find travelers or tourists camping in the meadows.

The area offers scenery places for picnic, making it impossible to leave the area without trying to eat fresh local food outdoors.

Different inns offer volleyball or football courts.

Another recommended activity is hiking in the Accursed Mountains offers the program of it

Traditional food and drinks info

Food is home-made, with the ingredients of the area. The traditional cuisine includes:

Fli - a type of byrek

mish në hell (ferlig) - meat on a spit


gështenja të ziera ose të pjekura (porogaça) - boiled chestnuts or roasted,

tomato, pepper, eggplant pickles

baked wild trout

qull me tambël - porridge with milk

milk cream with raisins

traditional grape and plum raki

The service is friendly and prices are reasonable.

Culture and history info

The peculiarity of the area are typical houses called "kulla" or tower. Built in strategical geographical points, used to be the residences of villagers', but unlike typical homes, it had more protective functions.  Constructed in stone with only a few loopholes instead of windows, the main room of it is called "oda e burrave", the men's room. Women weren't allowed to enter the room, not even to serve coffee. History and tradition are both combined in these buildings, as one can go through the old customs and traditions, nowadays mostly extinct.

Traditional music is played with instruments, such as lahuta and fyelli. Songs usually have motives of war, cherish life, love and honor death.

Unfortunately there are no accommodations at this location at the moment.

Beach and hiking

Beach and hiking

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Unfortunately there are no cruise offers at this location at the moment.

Unfortunately there are no car rental offers at this location at the moment.