Soundwave Festival in Lukova beach

“Soundwave” the big international electronic music festival will be hold as every summer on the shores of the Ionian Sea. Soundwave Festival, the only electronic music festival in Albania  will take place from 11th until 14th of August in Lukova beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Albania. This mega musical activity will host over 25 national and international artists from 5 different European countries. The best DJ’s will perform 85 hours non-stop of pure electronic music for music lovers.

The famous German producer Oliver Huntemman will attend this activity in a quality of a special guest, the myth of techno music, whom is well-known for his successful collaborations with the greatest artists. Four days of powerful sound performances, this is the feeling that you will get from Soundwave Festival Albania, 4th edition.

The valley, virgin nature and beautiful beach of Lukova will make these four days to you the most memorable experience of this summer. The domestic and foreign visitors will have the chance to enjoy the spectacular beauty of Lukova beach with fresh sounds contemporaneous music.


Lukova beach

Lukova Beach (between Saranda City and Himara) is one of the most famous ones in Albania, a dazzling strip of white rocks, several kilometers long, that is lapped by the deep blue water. The sand is fine and there are also round beautiful stones. Outside peak season, it’s very quiet, but during summer months it’s very busy. The beach it’s big enough for those who want to find a quiet spot away from the crowds even in mid-August and if you go in other parts of the summer season you can be almost alone.

Lukova has two parts: the “uptown” village, where the best hotel of the place is located or a number of smart hotels with excellent budget accommodation and the “downtown” beach where can be found a perfect place for camping.

Entertainment, virgin nature, sea and positive energy will make you to enjoy four special days and this festival to be one of summer most interesting activities. For explorers, there are a  number of sportive activities, lots of caves and small bays further along the beach to explore. Trips in the famous Kakome dhe Kroreza beaches will also be part of this festival.

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