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Tour Duration: 15 nights/ 16 days

Itinerary:  Athens – Delphi – Meteora – Kalambaka – Ohrid – Tirana – Budva – Kotor – Dubrovnik – Mostar – Northern Croatia – Plitvice Lakes – Ljubjana – Budapest – Belgrade – Nis – Sofia – Thessaloniki – Kamena Vourla – Athens

Day: 1: Athens

Arrive to Athens. If you arrive early enough, head into the city to see for yourself all the treasures this ancient city has to offer.

Day 2: Delphi – Meteora – Kalabaka

Today we’ll head to Delphi to admire the Sanctuary of Apollo, the Treasury of the Athenians and also visit the museum of Delphi. Afterwards drive to Meteora and visit St. Stephen’s Monastery. This evening we’ll stay in the nearby town of Kalabaka.

Day 3: Ohrid

This morning we’ll travel to Macedonia to visit Ohrid, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city is notable for once having had 365 churches, one for each day of the year. The Church of St. John at Kaneo, situated on a cliff overlooking Lake Ohrid, is a must.

Day 4: Tirana

We’ll leave Macedonia for its Balkan neighbor Albania, driving onto the capital city, Tirana. Tirana has undergone a remarkable transformation, shaking off communism to become a vibrant, fun city. You’ll be introduced to the city on a walking tour, from the buildings painted in bright colors, to the architecture influenced by the Ottomans, Italians and of course communism.

Day 5 – 6: Budva – Kotor – Dubrovnik

Heading north, we leave Albania behind and travel through Montenegro. Our first stop is at Budva, known for its well preserved medieval walled city. We then make a comfort stop at the UNESCO World Heritage listed town of Kotor. The old port of Kotor is surrounded by fortifications built during the Venetian period, and is a picturesque Mediterranean landscape. Continue to the walled city of Dubrovnik in Croatia, where you’ll see the Franciscan Monastery, the Cathedral, Onofrio fountain and the City Walls. You can also browse the traditional jewelry shops.

Day 7: Mostar – Northern Croatia

Today you will travel to another country, Bosnia-Herzegovina and head to the town of Mostar, an enchanting and historical town. After your time in Mostar, the coach will travel back into Croatia for an overnight stay.

Day 8: Plitvice Lakes – Ljubljana

Travel to Ljubjana, the Slovenian capital. On the way stop for a short visit to the Plitvice Lakes National Park, internationally known for its cascading lakes, waterfalls, dynamic landscape and numerous rare animals. After your brush with nature, continue to Ljubljana. Enjoy a walking tour of this fairytale city, pointing out the numerous bridges and brilliantly preserved baroque, gothic and medieval architecture.

Day 9 – 10: Budapest

Today we’ll head to Budapest, the capital of Hungary. It’s one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Visit Széchenyi Medicinal Bath, one of the most famous icons of the city and Europe’s largest medicinal bath. Something Budapest has been known for since the Roman times, is for having 123 thermal and 400 mineral springs from 14 different sources.

Day 11: Belgrade

Saying goodbye to Budapest, we make our way to the Serbian capital of Belgrade. Visit Republic Square, Bohemian Quarter (Skadarlija), Kalemegdan park and Belgrade fortress.

Day 12 – 13: Nis – Sofia

Our first destination today is a stop off in Nis, a historic city in south-eastern Serbia. Visit the Tower of Skulls, one of the most prominent reminders of its Ottoman past. We’ll then make our way to Sofia. There’s a partially exposed 1,800-year-old Roman city to discover, plenty of relaxing green spaces, and a variety of churches and mosques to explore.

Day 14: Thessaloniki

Today we head back to Greece, arriving in the northern port city Thessaloniki in the afternoon. Its compact size makes it a delightfully walk able city, which you’ll discover for yourself on an orientation tour of the historic center.

Day 15: Kamena Vourla – Athens

Today we’ll head south through the Greek countryside back to Athens. On our way we’ll stop off in Kamena Vourla, a small town on the south coast of the Malian Gulf, and a beautiful spot to grab lunch. Drive to Athens, where a farewell dinner waits for you.

Day 16: Depart Athens

Your adventure of a lifetime comes to an end today. It’s time to say “See you next time!!”

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