The Eye of the Cyclops or otherwise called the Cyclops’ Trail is about 4 km below Krrabes, in the village called Sketerre, in the Erzen River valley. It is about 20 m wide and 120 m deep like a pearl hidden in the mouth of Krraba.

A small abyss sits at the bottom of the Krrabe rocks, and beneath it is a lake of emerald water, which is said to be the place where the beast breathed, and a heart-shaped lake remained behind it.

They say that where the beast was last trampled, the scratch marks on his claws remain, and where he died, a heart-shaped lake is also seen, some deep rock cliffs and the gorgeous heart-shaped lake.

Cyclops Eye, in Albanian “Syri i Cikllopit”, we have to pass through a narrow path for about 1 hour by walking from the village of Krraba. Maybe it seems a little bit difficult to go there, but the views are worth to take this road. The path to the heart of Cyclops requires an adventure soul and willpower because the terrain in this area is a little difficult and you should be in good shape and health in order to become part of this journey. This is a good opportunity of tourism, where you can do hiking, bathing, and a fantastic way to replace swimming pools with natural ones.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Hotel Pick Up & Drop Off, Tirane, Albania
DEPARTURE TIME Multiple departures times & locations available from Monday to Sunday
RETURN TIME 4-6 Hours Daily Tour
WEAR Comfortable clothing, Sport Shoes, Swimsuits, Sportswear, Underwear
Professional Driver Coffe time
English, Italian drivers speakers Transportation with best cars
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