Kruja, the stronghold that kept the country

Part of the castle was built in the 5-the century, at the time when the Ottoman Empire ruled over a large swathe of Europe, including Constantinople and the Balkans, this castle remained undefeated for 35 years thanks to Gjergj Kastriot Skanderbeg. However, in 1478, ten years after his death, the castle fell to Sultan Mehmed II. Beside the castle, you can also visit Skanderbeg Museum which is inside of the Castle, the National Ethnographic Museum and the Old Basaar.

Meet Ndriçim Guni in Kruja Bazaar- The Talented Artisan of Traditional Albanian Accessories

Kruja is the centre of some of the country’s most skilled and passionate handmade clothing masters, like Ndriçim Guni, who is devoted to the preservation of Albanian tradition in his workshop in the Kruja Bazaar.

The Kruja Bazaar is one of the most famous bazaars in Albania, where the art, culture and history of the country meet. The latter has great stories to tell of how they have inherited their craft through generations. Such is the case of Ndriçim Guni, whose speciality is crafting felt-made items like the famous traditional Albanian felt hat: qeleshe. “Qeleshe”, a hat traditionally only worn by men, is so popular that it is being remastered and represented in several contemporary fashion collections. First and foremost, the hat is only made of white felt. The significance of the material is clear in the name qeleshe, the root of which is “lesh,” the Albanian word for “wool.”

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