Tirana is changing every day. New attractions are added to the city during the last years, so even people who born here, don’t recognize their neighbourhoods anymore.  So, if you want to be updated with all these changes we suggest you follow our walking tour.

Skanderbeg Square is the main destination for all tourists visiting Tirana. Skanderbeg Square is named after the Albanian hero Gjergj Kastrioti Skenderbeu. After taking some pictures in the Square, you can go to the National Historical Museum to have guidance on the history of Albanians, which is also the largest museum in our country. You can choose to visit the Et’hem Bey Mosque which is an 18th-century mosque. Clock Tower just in the side of the Et’hem Bey Mosque, you can visit after. After that, you can head to the New Bazaar. We continue to the new Bazaar, which is a newly open space which is also very populated lately. You can have a coffee break there and continue to the Tanners Bridge.

Then you can turn back at Pedestrian Street Murat Toptani until we reach the main Boulevard “Deshmoret e Kombit”. And then you will continue to see all the historical places we had in both sides of the Boulevard: Government Buildings, Reja Installation, the Monument of Independence, Rinia Park,  the Pyramid- the symbol of communism, then we head to Postbllok Monuments, Palace of Congress and reach Mother Teresa Square.

After that, you turn back for a tour to Blloku area, formerly isolated area during the communist regime. It’s up to you if you want to have a drink or a lunch in this place. There are two more places you may see if you want to know more for the communist past of Albanians: the Museum House of Leaves and Bunk’Art Museum, which are also close to the city centre.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Hotel Pick Up & Drop Off, Tirane, Albania
DEPARTURE TIME Multiple departures times & locations available from Monday to Sunday
RETURN TIME 2-3 Hours Daily Tour
WEAR Comfortable athletic clothing, hiking boots, hat, jacket and sunscreen.
Professional Driver Coffe time
English, Italian drivers speakers Transportation with best cars
Entrances Fees
Food and Drinks



8.30 AM – 9.30 AM: Transportation

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9.30 AM – 11.00 AM: Training

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11.00 AM – 2.00 PM: Surfing

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2 PM – 2.30 PM: Meals

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2.30 PM – 4.30 PM: Surfing

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4.30 PM – 5.30 PM: Surfing

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5.30 PM – 6.30 PM: Return

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